About Us

Community Info was created by Directors Alisdair Semple and Simon Maddox in 2015 in response to a need that became apparent following Alisdair's work with the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit of Reigate & Banstead (2015).

It became clear that local community activities and events run by organisations - that would be of benefit to residents - are not always well publicised.  Such activities range in type, location and frequency, including food banks, dance classes, child care, community fun days and so on, and so provide a number of services that are not available as readily in other sectors.

Despite the myriad of outlets for such information, it can be difficult to navigate them and find what you need easily. Having a single, easy way to access and share this information is increasingly important as demand for such community support and engagement rises.

With a comprehensive list of such local community activities that can be accessed to meet your needs, Community Info aims to provide that information in a simple, relevant and accessible way via our online database. Our dedicated team liaise with local organisations regularly to make sure that our database is as up-to-date, accurate and complete as possible, and our ethos is to provide a caring, supportive community service in a professional manner.

Our Directors have years of experience in providing information systems, working in business and in the community, and have created a system that can not only be used in the Borough of Reigate & Banstead, but can also be taken further afield into other Boroughs and Counties. The organisation's ethos of caring and service extends to our teams, and so staff are provided with as flexible working arrangements as possible, often working from home.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about how we work or who we are, please do get in touch.

Tel: 01737 906 906

E-Mail: info@communityinfo.org.uk

Meet the Directors

Alisdair has been a pastor for 17 years in a church with a clear social mission, he is a Police Chaplain, and is a trustee of Reigate & Banstead Voluntary Service. He has been able to bring together diverse organisations with different focuses and has helped them drive towards common goals. He is a strategic thinker and has strong experience in understanding the broader implications of strategies, he is also an effective ‘chair’ and ‘shaper’ in team settings.  As a motivational speaker, he has helped groups of people persevere in challenging circumstances.


Simon MaddoxSimon is a serial-entrepreneur; for over 30 years he has brought innovative thinking and practical solutions to the fields of software and electronics.  In the wake of 9-11, he moved into the field of business continuity with his company establishing itself as the first global web based tool.  Following the acquisition of the software by a national IT company in 2009, he formed BCMX, dedicated to providing a universal method of securely exchanging information between businesses. Outside of work, Simon is a school governor and chair of trustees for a charity bringing poverty relief to Romania. He brings a wealth of creative, technical and commercial skill & experience to the organisation.